The collection, called Matchsticks, features ten lucky patterns available for 2016. All are hand drawn in our studio in Philadelphia and hand printed in New York. We offer a palette of ink & paper colors that work harmoniously together in simple combinations that span the vivid to the restrained. The combination of hand-drawn patterns, delicate line work, textured brush strokes and fresh color palettes results in a wallpaper that brings a sense of intimacy through simplicity to residential or commercial space.

INK COLORS: Old Gold (NEW!), Ballpoint Pen, Sumi Ink, Poppy, Manila, Gray, Milk
PAPER COLORSNight Sky, Paper, Robins Egg, Khaki, Dark (NEW!)

CONSTELLATIONS (new!) • Our hand painted abstraction of the constellations in the night sky • TOWNS (new!) • Drawings from our travels throughout Europe and the USA. Have you been here? • HOMES (new!) • A collection of dream homes, farms, and cozy homes of all kinds • JOHNNY JUMP UPS •  Inspired by our notoriously hard to bloom houseplant, likewise this print is a labor of love • QUILT • This print is based on tiles we saw in Paris, but once they were drawn they brought us right back to a quilt handed down from grandma • BUTTERFLIES & POLLEN • Abstract but with a classic feel, this print will float right into your bedroom • 810 •  This print is for a kids room, but what about putting it in that little closet off the stairs? It will make you smile every time you have to pull out the winter coats. • SEASIDE • A beach vacation that was all salt water, an old boat, pesky flamingos, aromatic roses, and lots of warm days became this print • STRIPE • Our hand-drawn stripe mimics the natural world through imperfection of line •BRUSHES • A pattern of brushstrokes that somehow suggests both the sea and a cloudy sky • 

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