Toy Toile

Toy Toile

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You know when your kids stop playing with certain toys, especially the little ones? And they end up under beds or in cracks and corners? Eventually being tossed into a bag for the thrift store or the junk truck?....Well we found many of them and they were all playing together in a box in the yard. 

TROPES collection
This collection came about through an artist residency at a recycling center, and is inspired by the lives we found sifting through the things  people throw away. It is designed to reflect early wallpapers, called domino papers, that  were small repeatable tiles hand printed on paper and used for decoration on a variety  of surfaces. Buy one print to frame and hang of buy multiples as wallpaper. Wallpaper tiles are perfect for small spaces like accent walls and powder rooms. 

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The full project consists of 8 prints, offered in 4 color ways, all inspired by the colors in  the yard at the recycling center. The prints can be mixed and matched on the wall, and we suggest hanging them as half-drops.

21” x 27” untrimmed  + 18” x 24” trimmed 

Our papers are Class A fire rated and suitable for commercial use in light traffic areas. Our hand-screened tiles are printed with water based inks. All of our inks are hand mixed.