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These are our roll wallpapers. Memos and large prints are available to purchase directly. To order rolls you'll have to shoot us an email because we want to make sure you measure right :)

Towns print, Ballpoint Pen colorway

NOTTENE towns blue kha.jpg
NOTTENE towns blue kha.jpg

Towns print, Ballpoint Pen colorway

from 6.00

This wallpaper is a hand drawn print of homes and buildings from various locations (Stockholm, Trømso, Denver, Maine, and Paris) placed together to create the feeling of a new place. A feeling of place is central to our work, and we are always exploring what makes a space a place. 

Repeat is 36”
Ballpoint Pen ink on Khaki ground

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Rolls must be ordered as minimum of 2 rolls, all are packed as doubles or triples. Generally lead time is 3-4 weeks. Samples ship out within 1 week unless they are listed as out of stock. Our papers are screen printed by hand in New York, and samples are printed in our Philadelphia studio. Our wallpaper is class A fire rated paper and is suitable for commercial use in light traffic and decorative areas. All of our inks are hand mixed. We can offer vinyl substrate options. Custom colors are always available, but do incur a set up fee. 

Colors on the computer screen may not match the actual product. Please order a swatch first to see accurate color.

Single rolls $175 are 27” x 15 ft untrimmed (must be ordered as doubles or triples) 
Samples $6 are about 8" x 10"
Prints $50 are 18" x 24"

Trade discount less 20% on 5+ rolls, and free samples.
Please email mail@nottene.net to set up a trade account for this pricing.