We are Nottene [nuh-ten-uh], a print studio that sells wallpapers and fabric and does custom illustration for many clients. Wallpaper tiles, all memos and large prints are available to purchase directly on the site. To order rolls you'll have to shoot us an email because we want to make sure you measure right :) Fabric coming to the website SOON!

NOTTENE toy toile COLORpink.jpg

Toy Toile wallpaper tile

This toile-inspired design came about through an artist residency we did at a recycling center, and these were toys we found playing together in a box in the yard. The whole collection is designed after early wallpapers, called domino papers, that were repeatable hand-printed tiles.

Towns wallpaper

This wallpaper is a hand drawn print of buildings from Stockholm, Trømso, Denver, Maine, and Paris. A feeling of place is central to our work, and we are always exploring what makes a space a place. 

NOTTENE clocks COLORtan.jpg

Clocks wallpaper tile

This wallpaper tile was drawn from all the clocks we found.  Buy one print to frame and hang of buy multiples as wallpaper. Wallpaper tiles are perfect for small spaces. They are applied with traditional wallpaper paste, but without the hassle of a whole roll. 

Seaside wallpaper

These drawings are from true life and the selection covers bouquets of flowers received and given, a boat from Wales, a float from the Mummer’s Parade, and a smattering of flamingos.