The Second Ugliest Chair!

Well, looks like Amanda at Spruce (with the lovely folks at Storey Publishing (Massachusetts! woo!)) have found the Ugliest Chair! And I'm left tasked with finding the second ugliest for the runner up prize. I'm going to do a custom illustration of the second ugliest chair so that the proud owner of such chair can always remember and cherish what once was as they sit in their beautiful reupholstered chair.

While many of the chairs in the contest were thrift store or dumpster rescues, there were several that had stories or memories attached to them and those, of course, were the ones I was attracted to. One of the things I am interested in when I work on a commissioned illustration is the memories that come with it. So without further ado, let me present the 2nd Ugliest Chair(s). 

Yes, that's right there was a tie! Kelley Christiansen submitted this beaut saying that it had a twin and it has been in her family since she was born. Well, this chair will be reunited with it's twin for all time in the illustration I am working on for Kelley.

Now Lauren Russo's chair isn't so pattern crazy, but she explicitly said she wanted to refurbish this chair as a memento as it belonged to her aunt's late father. So how could I resist? I just couldn't.

Kelley and Lauren will both be receiving custom illustrations from Nottene. Yay! They are worth $150 a piece and include a CD with the artwork so they can reprint as they like. Not too shabby, huh?

P.S. You can see all of my new custom illustration work right over here. Learn what kinds of vintage or heirloom items make great illustrations, and order one now while there's still time before Christmas!