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An old sketch based on Holbein

An old sketch based on Holbein

well, I'm a little sad my alphabet it done....I think it will lead me to a new project (scribbling furiously), but I think I will need something free and easy to update here regularly....I've realized I am just not the writerly type (although I certainly have fun writing the blurbs in my shop!)

SO thinking of new projects to update, will start with a downloadable monthly calendar. October will be the first one up next week. (yay!) 

There are also some shop updates coming this fall, which should be pretty exciting. And I am promising myself to be more regular about updating about new work on here. I keep the monthly newsletter subscribers pretty up to date, but not so much here where y'all can keep up. 

What else? Anything you would like to see? Okay, well no rush to reply....take your time. I will be here. Thanks. 

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