looking back and ahead


2013 (the highlights)

• Launched my own Etsy  shop 
• Alt Summit (taught the textiles class!) 
• joined Twitter 
• collaborations (Design-Milk, ChilDish, Equals) 
• walked the NSS/Surtex/IFCC 
• drawing, drawing, drawing 
• more collaborations (The Period Store, Myrtle, and others in works...) 
• Camp Mighty! 
• sent out my first postcard mailing for illustration work 
• plunked down some cash for a trade show booth 
• bought a printer (first of my Camp Mighty goals complete!)
• and bang! end of year

2014 (the goals)

• Make those other 4 Camp Mighty goals come true
• draw, draw, draw (and lots of new collaborations I hope!)
• I am going to make a big effort to meet all you Philadelphia bloggers and tweeters that I find!

AND I figured out the perfect 52 weeks type of project. I have been slowly working on designing a deck of cards,  very piecemeal and all over the place. I have a smattering of ideas and sketches across cocktail napkins and sketchbooks with no dedicated time to bring it all together in sight. Until a dear pal (*ahem*) brought it to my attention that the 52 weeks of the year correspond perfectly to the 52 cards in a deck (herself with a card-themed goal for 2014!). So I will be posting a newly illustrated card every week as I find the time to create the whole deck, one card at a time. You'll see my inaugural card on Wednesday!