Fashion + Architecture

Ping Mag has an interview with Brooke Hodge about the exhibition now in Japan she curated called Skin + Bones about fashion and architecture.

Yeohlee Teng! My favorite!

There's a bit more info about the show here (as well as a downloadable gallery guide!). MOCA describes the exhibition as exploring "the common visual and intellectual principles that underlie both fashion and architecture." Which is usually not of much interest to me. I'm not that interested in architecture in my own practice. I am also not interested in the stated themes such as shelter, tectonic strategies, and minimalism. BUT what really fascinates me is that Brooke Hodge talks about how architects and designers both start with the body and build outward from there, albeit on different scales. She also talked with Ping Mag about how architecture and clothing both represent identity, cultural identity with buildings and personal identity with clothing. I'm also especially enamored by the title Skin + Bones as they represent the interior and exterior constructions of both the buildings and the garments.