a dear project

Sillkscreened covers, folded brochures, Pencil illustration

Check out The Land Of, a new(ish) record label that is putting out some interesting work. I know I'm biased, not only because I'm doing all the design work either. It is really lovely stuff.

This CD by My Fun (the second from The Land Of) is all inspired by "talking postcards" from turn-of-the-century Europe, called Sonorines in France. I wish I could do the music justice by describing it, but the best i can offer is this line from the about page:
The Land Of is interested in artists that are exploring the subtle detail and beauty in everyday sounds

This was such a fun project for me. I always love working in a variety of media, and working with Justin always inspires me to want to work with sound (see my enjoyment in this post) I'm very excited to be designing their next release this fall as well!