Link round up 3

• I'm going to be doing some footwear design this fall, so of course I'm devouring First Pullover

How to tie the perfect tie

• Susie Bubble's Look at me, Don't look at me post.

PSFK reports on Matt Hoyle's new work. Also a good post on the slowing of fast fashion.

Miranda July does The Thing.

• Did I mention this already? Mental Floss posts about this book.

DIY Shrinky Dinks!!

Signs a bit like the idea behind my thermochromatic embroidered bonnets

Why fashion copyright is stupid (my words, not the title of the article!)

• Just discovered Mrs. Deane!

• I'm listening to Henri Salvador right now.

• Someone else hates McQueen's luggage for Samsonite as much as I do.