Swap Meat

I participated in Coudal's Swap Meat this summer (you can too until 8/31!). I sent the above out in May (top, color-changing hanky from this project and bottom, 2001 book which I don't have online anymore....jeez neither of these scans do my work any justice) and today I received these in return:

Both pieces are thrift store finds from Kim G. at Pulp-It. The first piece is several layers of board cut out in progressively smaller shapes. The second is a hand tooled photo album/scrapbook. She wrote a lovely little story about the scrapbook:
I like to imagine that Sam tooled this piece for the photos of his & Rosa's wedding and then she dumped him before the ceremony.

When I first got the package all I could think about was I wonder who got my pieces! But now I suspect that there is a Kim I. out there with my book and a fading handkerchief. I will def. be googling around to see if I can find it....