I almost never pick up free "magazines" on the street. They usually have too many ads, or interviews of overly-hyped celebs, little new info, or stories that would require research or time....which is all a consequence of beign free, I suspect. Anyway, Justin always brings free magazines home, and he found a really good one this week. It's called Arthur and it's seems a bit hippie/pychedelic (they call themselves a "transgenerational counterculture magazine") which is not my thing, but they had some really good, a bit off the radar, articles in this issue (number 26!). You can pick it up on the street or download the whole shebang on their website. Here's some pieces I liked:

Lavender Diamond's BECKY STARK

I have never heard of Lavender Diamond, but you can hear them here. A beautiful girl with an intersting story. And of course lovely songs.

Thurston Moore & Byron Coley have an audience with YOKO ONO

I know she's contradictory: sometimes raising money for good causes and others famously selling off Lennon's estate for her own profit, or making music I can't bear to listen to but paintings and films I absolutely adore. An excellent interview that critically looks at Ono's work as well as revisits her life thus far.

Zen humorist/media innovator HENRY JACOBS

I'm a little bit in love with Henry James....he plays left-handed ping pong and wants to make a movie about it to show the world the other (better!) side of America than the one most people in other countries see.

Fringe knitter TINA MARRIN

Her work reminds me a bit of Clare Tough's early designs. A download is available on Tina's how to make your own miniature knitted skunk.

MIRANDA JULY's time machine

Sweet illustration, fun little interview.