Round up 5

I wish I could say all of my links today are about fashion week, but I'm just not that organized. I'll try to put everything in a few categories though.....

Fashion or Fashion Week related:
Kathleen is doing a great batch of posts in honor of NY Fashion Week. My faves, he comments on the pages of September Voque and a vintage Lane Bryant catalog
• Burda just launched an updated website. I posted about it before too.
St. Jude's Gallery produces gorgeous fabrics designed by some excellant artists and designers.
• Mrs. Dean links to some beautiful fashion photography (click on Les Habits).
Angel Chang, whose S/S08 show is today (right now!) and who I worked with a bit on this collection (my contributions were dropped), got a nice little blurb on Style. [via]
Fashion show invitations! (also, I realized Slow and Steady Wins the Race, which I wrote about before, is still in production!! SO wish I was going to that show)
• A short, sweet piece from Cathy Horyn.

Things to make:
• Print out your own graph paper!
• Shoot better product photos

General sites I should have linked to something specific about and I always meant to read but never had them on my RSS feeder:
Life Hacker
A classic

Unusual, amazing bits:
• A couple of good links from the ever excellent Boing Boing. A relief map rug by Laurens van Wieringen and a woman visits her on heart [Link]
• An interesting bit about hand gestures

• I am so in love with Entwinements. Two recent posts, slowness and mindful making
• When I was working as a graphic designer my favorite cards and mailers to get in the mail were from James Victoire. [via]

Not bad, actually. Most fashion related.....Have a good weekend!