Catch-up round-up (6)

I haven't done a round up in a while, so here's a long one (full of old stuff too). I swear I am still just catching up on stuff! I have a backlog of things I have scanned to show you week!

VIA Boing-Boing:

• The Imaginary Foundation

How little kids feel

• Sock exchange!

• Nike develops a Native American sneaker

• A man's Life Countdown clock

• Dr. Whippy is a machine that proffers soft scoop ice cream according to the perceived unhappiness level of the customer. See also here. Sweet!

VIA Coutorture

Musings on shopping

Mary Ping wins more fans to Slow and Steady Wins the Race

VIA The Fashion Informer:

• I love Isabel Toledo, here's an interview

• In this interview Francisco Costa mentions the book Hutterites of Montana by Laura Wilson. The photography & the clothing are both so lovely!


• ooh, another one I really really love: streets without traffic signs! I was thinking about this in regards to speed limits when I was in Colorado driving my sister-in-law's car witha broken spedometer.

• The Thought Project. I'm not posting any pictures with this link because it will not do the project justice. I loved reading through this site, absolutely entrancing (pardon my enthusiasm, but go look!)

• hmmmm.....Solar powered jacket

The Center for Cosmic Wonder

VIA Kottke:

This reminds me of the Komar & Melamid paintings

Oscar the cat. What do you think?

Arts reporting. Ha! Who cares?

VIA Make:

• I like this project: The Exquisite Box

These workshops sound interesting....

AND from everybody else:

Girls on Cheap Paper

• To fulfill my ephemera quotient

Ping Mag never disappoints! I want these.

• I like the Tree Dress (above).

• I like this idea by The Rage even if the shoes aren't quite my style.

• I always like laundry talk


Hanna Werning does lovely work. I first saw her prints for Eastpak back packs

Aitor Throup's menswear

• After the shoelace, the necktie