London my camera dies!

You can watch it get worse:

All's well in the food halls at Harrods....

My shoes at the edge of "Shibboleth" at the Turbine Gallery (too lazy to link at the end of the day on a saw them all before the other day anyway)

As I get closer to the crack the camera shrieks in purple

The purple haze takes over in the last picture that doens't look like snow!

Believe it or not we also spent time roaming around Hyde Park in the mist, visiting my friend who works in vintage in Notting Hill (ha, in vintage), and walking up Upper St as we used to when we had little ££ & lots of time. We didn't make it to many favourite old spots (Primrose HIll, Chalk Farm, Camden, Shepards Bush (oh how I would have loved to spend some time thrifting if the $$ wasn't so crap!), but it was a short trip so it didn't sting too bad. And now I need to buy a new camera so it's probablt for the best.