Round up 9

• Visualizations of time, the pic above mostly closely resembles how I visualize time.....
• A wonderful article from Cabinet Magazine that explores what makes a Readymade, and what is art after all. Or a story about art vandalism. A must read if you are a Duchamp fan.....

From The Coveted:

• I've been meaning to write a bit about Olaf Ureliasson ever since I caught something on the Coveted a while ago, but I guess if you want to know more about his beautiful vision you'll have to look around yourself. Above is The Weather Project 2003 from the (one of my favorite exhibition spaces) Turbine Hall, Tate Modern London
• Interesting ideas about one of a kind No Editions, more here.

From Coudal:

• I am so not a car person!
• A lovely column in The Guardian about objects begins.

From new favorite Girl in the Green Dress:

• I have a soft spot for Space Invaders
Word seach gift tags! But the link on Etsy doesn't seem to work anymore :(

From Make:

• Great office supply selection! This has been linked all over town, but I hadn't see the one above, from Chloe Coulson
• I would love to raise my own make silk!

From Phantasmaphile:

Louise Hindsgavl

Anna Howarth

From PSFK:
• Hey! Getting customers to love and feel attached to a product creates sustainability! Surprise!
• And also: the deathe of trends!

From We Make Money Not Art:
I've been meaning to write about somehting more meaningful to go with these links too, but eh, you do the thinking (see what I mean about me and the internet burnout?)
And more knitting