For my Knitters

I'm doing a group knitting project for next fall (see here) so I'm going to keep my entries very knit-centric for a while to inspire my knitters! Please click on the link above to read more about it (and see the first pictures).

My first post has to be about Net Granny! Iread about this site recently on Craftzine, and it's a service that let's you order a custom-made pair of socks hand-knitted by the Swiss grandmother of your choice. Look:

You click on the picture of the Granny you want to knit your socks, then you choose which socks you want, and you can see how long the wait is for your socks, and how many pairs of socks she is already knitting. I wonder how they found all these grannies....Here's a blurb from their website:

Until now, handknitted socks have been mainly sold on rural markets or in handcraft shops. Distribution via online-shop appeals to the modern urban people, who is used to fulfill his needs on the internet and still loves nothing more than cozy handmade socks. On the other side the grannies, all passionnate knitters, have found a vast clientele who cherishes their work.