2 projects

Catching up on my RSS feeds this morning I saw two interesting projects posted about on PSFK the trend and forecasting website:

Urban Rabbit Hole
I think this one sounds cooler than it really is, but maybe I'm just not a t-shirt person? What they do is make t-shirts with a print of lower Manhattan and mark them with red dots to mark places that have significance for you so that each one is completely individual to the wearer. They are only doing limited runs, and you have to jump through hoops to get an invite. I admit PSFK describes it a lot better than me, but it sounds like more hype than anything else in practice. Although I do think it's a lovely idea, don't get me wrong. You cna participate (and tell me how it goes) by entering the code newyorkoct#11 on this website.

Take A Seat
This one is definitely cooler than it sounds. Well, it even sounds pretty awesome. It's a project aimed at putting more seating on subway platforms by just putting chairs on the platforms. Jason Eppink is the artist (dude?) behind the project and he is encouraging collaborators to join him. You can see the Flickr set here (cheesy logo/graphic, lovely pics). Also see his blog website Self Referential Title. I like the personal sites :)

I admit I also have a wicked awesome knitter/artist website to post about, but I keep putting it off because I want to write something that does it/her justice because I'm just a bit in love with her work....I will tell you all about it soon though, I swear.