New school year!

Welcome back from summer! That sounds kind of sad, doesn't it? Well, as for me, it's been a very busy summer. Not only has my day job been extremely busy (I'm getting an assistant!), but I've also been doing lots of side projects.

The biggest one has been with Etsy. I taught my first class (Printing with Heat!) and did a live chat (heat transfer printing basics), and filmed a video for their site about natural dyeing. I also still have a few more classes coming up this fall. It's been so exciting and the folks at Etsy are super sweet and awesome! Actually, Etsy Labs has all kinds of classes that I would totally recommend: bookbinding, screenprinting, jewelry! Just to name a few. You know, I totally have an Etsy shop too, Nottene, I'm just a terrible entrepreneur and haven't promoted it at all....(see my banner above?)

So the Print with heat class went pretty well, I think. At least well enough for us to want to run it again (date TBA). My biggest problem was that there is so much stuff you can do it was hard to pack it all in AND give everyone time to play with all the materials.

Oooh! I just looked online and the video is up! Yikes! I don't think I can watch myself yet....

My upcoming classes are Natural Dyeing in September and Feltmaking from Scratch in October. And another session of Printing with Heat will be scheduled for November (TBA)!!

P.S. for anyone in the first class looking for flocking suppliers (or just anyone interested), I just heard of a new one (new to me I mean): Hobby & Craft Flocking Supplies
I havne't ordered from them, take your chances...

P.P.S. Believe it or not, I have a bunch of posts lined up for this week and I hope to get back on the ol' blog wagon this fall :)