oh my read this:

Kemistry Gallery's First Impressions Last show in November at the London Gallery space:
Part performance-piece, part exhibition, part guessing-game; Kemistry Gallery and Fallon London have collaborated to challenge your self-image. We invite you to have your portrait written by five diverse people: from a rapper to a romance novelist. What will they think of you and how will they differ in opinion? How well do you know yourself: would you be able to identify the five different versions of yourself on a wall of others?

I wish I could have gone! Such a lovely concept. Read the press release too!

It reminds me of a guy I saw on the corner of Bedford and N7th in Williamsburg this summer. He had a typewriter and a sign that said he would give you an honest written critique of your appearance for $2. I was on my way to dinner with friends and promised them I would stop and do it on our way home, but of course he was gone and I've regretted it ever since. I have never been able to find any info about him online either. Please drop me a line if you've seen him or heard of his performance, I'd love to find him again!