Inspiration for the #52weekdeck

Yup, a whole year's worth of drawings!

Yup, a whole year's worth of drawings!

For the last two weeks or so you might have noticed we've been twittering and instagramming all about the #52weekdeck (<----the link to Kickstarter there), which, while totally exciting and fun, I wanted to stop & take a moment to thank Mere of Not Merely Living and Maggie hostess extraordinaire of (the former) Camp Mighty & proprietress of Go Mighty for inadvertently bringing the project to life.

You see, Mere and I landed as roommates at Camp Mighty in the fall of 2013 and had a blast (among many many other amazing people!). Well, we talked lots about our work and our goals and plans there. For me, leaving my full time job to become a free agent in illustration was all I could talk about! So after Camp Mighty was over, and as 2014 began, Mere mentioned to me that she wanted to learn and play more card games so she was going to post a new game each week on her blog for the the whole year, 52 weeks! And I thought, funny, that's exactly how many cards are in a deck....poof! 

And to Maggie & everyone at Go Mighty, I'm not a big lister, but I can't tell you how much having this site at the right time was so huge for me....having a place to write down some big ideas and dreams, and then being able to attend Camp Mighty and have a space to present myself with all these goals a little bit more solidly was critical to what I'm doing now. And the amazing people I met and got to know there was no small thing either. 

nottene THANKU.jpg

So thank you Mere & Maggie. I'm pleased as punch to have met you and happy to get a chance to blather on about your awesomeness.