dye class

It seems oh so long ago now, but in November I taught a class on Natural Dyeing at Etsy Labs and I found a few snaps of the class at work:

It looks like all of the classes at the Labs are ending this month and moving over to 3rd Ward (which has an awesome space, I visited this weekend!). So it looks like today will be my last class at Etsy.....but....stay tuned, I expect to have some classes set up with 3rd Ward soon. woo!

other kinds of knitting....

I've been thinking a bit about other ways of knitting lately. I've seen some lovely ideas (click links for directions):

finger knitting:

Ever do this? I used to finger knit with loose strings when I was a kid....never made anything out of them of course, but maybe I should start now.

comb knitting:

I feel like girls in my school used to do this. I don't ever remember doing it though.

and for the really hardcore: Wii knitting!

This looks way out of my league, but wow!

2 community sites I never heard of before

have you?

Ravelry, a knitting site


Fashioning Tech, a sort of social networking site about smart textiles.
This one I know a little about (I joined), it was started by Syuzi Pakhchyan who recently wrote a book of the same name. I'm not really sure what to do on there though :P

If you're on Fashioning Tech "friend" me! I'm still waiting for an invitation to Ravelry, but I'd love to hear insights or reviews of the community!

New school year!

Welcome back from summer! That sounds kind of sad, doesn't it? Well, as for me, it's been a very busy summer. Not only has my day job been extremely busy (I'm getting an assistant!), but I've also been doing lots of side projects.

The biggest one has been with Etsy. I taught my first class (Printing with Heat!) and did a live chat (heat transfer printing basics), and filmed a video for their site about natural dyeing. I also still have a few more classes coming up this fall. It's been so exciting and the folks at Etsy are super sweet and awesome! Actually, Etsy Labs has all kinds of classes that I would totally recommend: bookbinding, screenprinting, jewelry! Just to name a few. You know, I totally have an Etsy shop too, Nottene, I'm just a terrible entrepreneur and haven't promoted it at all....(see my banner above?)

So the Print with heat class went pretty well, I think. At least well enough for us to want to run it again (date TBA). My biggest problem was that there is so much stuff you can do it was hard to pack it all in AND give everyone time to play with all the materials.

Oooh! I just looked online and the video is up! Yikes! I don't think I can watch myself yet....

My upcoming classes are Natural Dyeing in September and Feltmaking from Scratch in October. And another session of Printing with Heat will be scheduled for November (TBA)!!

P.S. for anyone in the first class looking for flocking suppliers (or just anyone interested), I just heard of a new one (new to me I mean): Hobby & Craft Flocking Supplies
I havne't ordered from them, take your chances...

P.P.S. Believe it or not, I have a bunch of posts lined up for this week and I hope to get back on the ol' blog wagon this fall :)


I picked up a couple of old copies of Benetton's Colors magazine . I got the Shopping for the Body issue you see above and also the War issue. I haven't posted any scans from the War issue yet because, to be honest, I have been shy of opening it. Justin looked at it when I first brought it home and and his reaction has frightened me a little bit. I will get up the courage soon though, especially if there's interest because neither of these issues are in the Colors archive. Please find below a few of my favorite bits from issue No. 18:

Can you read this one if you click on it? It seems if you strap the flesh of a potato to your knee it will swell....I hope I'm helping some nerd get out of gym class!

It makes your poop not smell. I'm not naming names, but I know someone who would like to get their hands on some of this. *ahem*

I want to say "only in America!" but I actually would expect this to come from Japan or China, and also I wouldn't have thought it to be from 1996. It seems so 'now', with all that antibacterial crap and general germaphobia these days.

The pink lipstick is actually a vibrator, the tiny bottle is skunk scent for hunters in the US, and  "email diamant" is a toothpaste that tints gums pink. Before there was Vice magazine, there was Colors!

Organic tampons from 1996 in the center, finger tape on the top left to relieve joint ache in fingers (ouch! looks painful), Pepee is supposedly used by pornstars in Japan to make their genitals glisten on camera, and the cotton pads in the blue box are supposed to enlarge breasts.

There were so many more things I could post pictures of that were great: the twig toothbrush, leaves for deodorant, black dirt ear cleaning tools and an electric tongue! On the cover is "Night Flower" a pubic wig from Japan. I should post the copy to that one, it's so good!