Our studio is called Nottene, pronounced [nuh-ten-nuh]. We are a Philadelphia-based print and pattern design studio and we make hand-drawn and screenprinted wallpaper. We do lots of print and pattern work, but we really love wallpaper.

Lemon Grove wallpaper, launched at ICFF 2017

Lemon Grove wallpaper, launched at ICFF 2017

Towns wallpaper

This wallpaper is a hand drawn print of buildings from Stockholm, Trømso, Denver, Maine, and Paris. A feeling of place is central to our work, and we are always exploring what makes a space a place. 

Seaside wallpaper

These drawings are from true life and the selection covers bouquets of flowers received and given, a boat from Wales, a float from the Mummer’s Parade, and a smattering of flamingos.