Seriously so many notes I haven't been able to keep up with them! I've been doing a bit of graphic design work on the side too (sound/music) so that's been keeping me occupied....

Matt Webb did a presentation called Products Are People Too in June 2007 as the closing keynote to reboot 9.0. His emphasis on experience and stories parallels a lot of my own design interest. Actually in a lot of ways this talk has nothing to do with designing clothes and textile prints (duh), but it just feels like this must be related in terms of my work. Side note: I totally need to look through this site: but it's blocked from work! Also, favorite line: "Products exist over time. We meet them, we hang out with them, we live life together." gee!


Really nice project supported by Eyebeam that replaces advertising images on web pages with art images from a curated database. It's not scheduled to be finished until sometime this summer, but I signed up for the mailing list so I can get it when it's ready.



This Is Your Life (and How You Tell It) an interesting article from the NYT byt Benedict Carey that relates to the Procucts are People Too presentation noted above. Favorite quotes:

• “'When we first started studying life stories, people thought it was just idle curiosity — stories, isn’t that cool?' said Dan P. McAdams, a professor of psychology at Northwestern and author of the 2006 book, The Redemptive Self. 'Well, we find that these narratives guide behavior in every moment, and frame not only how we see the past but how we see ourselves in the future.'”

• "Researchers have found that the human brain has a natural affinity for narrative construction. People tend to remember facts more accurately if they encounter them in a story rather than in a list, studies find"

• "Seeing oneself as acting in a movie or a play is not merely fantasy or indulgence; it is fundamental to how people work out who it is they are, and may become."

via Kottke who also mentions Allen Iverson's training routine (I think, therefore I slam.)