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I'm in love with Tim Knowles. An artist in the UK whose work depends on chance and the environment. Knowles talks a lot about the themes I am interested in: chance, process, the forces of inanimate objects (so to speak), making visible the invisible, and time. In one sense I guess his use of time is not much different than the way every artist takes time to produce an artwork, but that Knowles' considers time an important aspect of the work is clear.

I really love how he says, "The work attempts to make visible the invisible, be it the movement of the wind traced out onto paper by a pen suspended from a buoyant helium balloon, the path drawn by the moons reflection on undulating water or the forces at work within a car as it drives over the Alps."

Tree Drawings
Doubtless the most poetic images, and while I do love these the others are just as great to me. Drawings by trees.

Vehicle motion drawings
A series of drawings generated by an apparatus in the back of a car.

Postal works
Photos and video from a package (with a camera inside) as it travels through the British postal system.