Instructables has a really good tutorial for finding four leaf clovers [via]. One of the projects I did for my MA at CSM was about how to make products lucky. I researched all kinds of lucky symbols and talismans (talismen?) before I decided to do a series of accessories that relied on luck in the making as well as in the imagery.

This scarf was the very first thing I ever knitted (beginner's luck) and I made it 21 stitches wide (3 and 7 are lucky numbers). The prints were chosen and arranged according to the "luck of the draw" and the imagery comes from lucky symbols across cultures.

I have one of my very best lucky charms out to a friend right now, and it seems to be working well for her. In fact, it seems to be working so well, I'm thinking of asking for it back! But I sent it to her (not only because she could use the luck) to test anthropologist James George Frazer's second rule of magical thinking: the law of contagion. The first rule is the law of similarity, that a charm's effects should somehow be traceable to the charm itself, which my charm possesses. Do you have a lucky charm that works?