Kiosk is a shop in Soho I really need to visit (of course, will report more when I've been). I've just spent an hour doodling all over their website and I'm in love with a lot of stuff now. The website is so well done (and the product descriptions are so well written—I feel like I know them already!). I'm so not telling you my very favorite things because I don't want them to get sold out. But here are some I feel duty bound to share:

Bavarian Gamsbart Stag Pin Large ($60.00)
The folks from Kiosk went to Germany to get all the new products for March-August. Every season they travel & buy and bring good stuff to NYC for sale (and anywhere the internet reaches). About this feather for your cap, Kiosk says "In theory, the size of the gamsbart reflects the size of the manliness. Franz Blumtritt and Sons was established in 1923, the founder’s granddaughter Regina Erb now runs the company. Grandfather Blumtritt started by following traditional patterns from the Alps; time passed and in the 50's one of his sons took some creative license and developed the collection they have today."

Red Necklace with Ribbon ($45.50)
Mexico was one of the previous destinations for Kiosk. This necklace is marked down from $65! There's also previous merchandise from Japan and Sweden (which are also marked down), but there's lots that's already sold out here.
I like this necklace because Kiosk has intrigued me with this line, "In Cuetzalan most of the indigenous women of a certain age wear this necklace." What age I wonder? and why? They do give another clue as to the meaning behind this piece, "The textile researcher, Bob Freund, told me that the beads represent coral as historically it was traded with the Indians from Vera Cruz over the mountains." hmmmmm.....

Dunkel Peter Popcorn ($4.00)
Last from Kiosk (from me) to you (what am I talking about?!) is this popcorn. I swear they have everything as well as little nothings at this store (irresistible!). Kiosk says they brought us this simply because of the packaging. I love everyone who can admit that, and even more in a retailer who does.