Venice Biennale

Lots of links all over about the Biennale (entitled: 'think with the senses—feel with the mind'), but here are my two favorite participants:

Felix Gonzales Torres (USA)
America's choice of artistic representation in the Biennale is unusual in that Felix Gonzalez-Torres died 10 years ago. I remember going to his exhibition at the Guggenheim in NYC many years ago, and being delighted to be invited to participate and keep the souvenirs from his trademark stacks of paper and cellophane-wrapped boiled sweets.

Sophie Calle (France)
According to, "the world of French culture in the USA", Sophie Calle has chosen her exhibition commissioner, Daniel Buren, from the responses to a small ad she placed seeking "any enthusiastic person who could perform the duties of exhibition commissioner". Calle's piece for the French pavilion asked 107 women to interpret a break-up letter from a man she had been involved with. Of course, it was not quite so simple as that. Calle chose the women according to their line of work: an actress acted it, a singer sang it, an editor annotated it, etc.

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