Iqons faves

Every now and then I have time to tool around Iqons, the fashion industry's answer to MySpace, and I always find someone or something new and interesting. Unfortunately, even when I invite someone into my (ill-named) Entourage I still don't feel like I really get a chance to "meet" them....maybe the guestbook feature is just not used enough yet on Iqons. Or maybe I'd better just start using it myself!

Emma McCorquodale

Stacey Tester
(okay, not the best picture.....but I kind of like it!)

Carla Fernandez
(also here)

Tekla Knaust
(also here)

Lindipoo! Lindipoo has almost no info on her page but I find her so compelling! Maybe because she invited me into her "Entourage" first...maybe it's also here name: oh Lindipoo!

Wendy & Jim
(also here)

Eley Kishimoto
(also here)