link round up

so. many.

When I started writing online, I thought I would post something everyday that inspired me, or was relevant to my interests (that I would normally just bookmark and never look at again). But I'm finding that there are dozens of sites and links and posts every week that I want to remember and I can't do justice to. There's no time to properly write about them all. I think every Friday will have to be a link round up of all the other pages I'd like to write more about but have just run out of time. Because there will be a whole new crop next week....

Máquina desempolvadora
Adriana Salazar interviewed by Régine Debatty (lovelovelove)
...a girl who creates delicate and elegant (but slightly ludicrous) machines that smoke, tie shoes, pull thread through the hole of a needle, relentlessly measure walls, switch the light on and off, on and off, on and off, dust walls, cry while another one dries its tears....

I am a rabid convert to Style Bubble!

Acne (here)
Sruli Recht (here)
Nova Magazine
Couture Lab (here)
• I'm not sure I agree with her definititon of label-ista (I would say it's someone who cares only for labels because of their cache not because of any meaning a label carries)
This one reminds me of my own wardrobe documentation for my MA research
• I love the way she talks about this jacket & memory

I've been reading PSFK a lot lately too. They post a lot, and while it's not always stuff interesting to me, when it's good it's very good!
The WHY (my personal favorite...)
Objects that age (my personal really!)
Why looks matter
• Kate Betts on how fashion trickles up
Smart Fabric

Just pretty from Kako Ueda via Phantasmaphile

The beauty of scale