Masai Barefoot Technology

They call it "physiological footwear". MBTs, as they are known, were invented by Swiss engineer Karl Müller. He found improvement in his back paiin after walking barefoot in the rice paddies of Korea and set out to develop shoes that mimicked walking on soft substances (like the East African savannah).

I would love love love to have a pair of these shoes, but they are so so ugly. If you read the bit on their site about how they work, it's amazing! But look:

And seriously, those are the best I can come up with on the site. I'm sure you can go on there and say, "oh these ones are better than what she picked" but then you will look at what you picked and realize that they are ugly too.

MBT: You could do better than this!! Hire a good designer! I want some awesome shoes that look good AND feel good. (Can you tell I'm taking a footwear seminar right now?)

EDITED to add: Okay, I found some mildly acceptable ones on Zappos, but still not great: