Happy New Year!

I started a new tradition this New Year's Eve: the baking of a Vinegar Pie! It seemed like a great way to end the old year, partaking of something sour. We then followed up with something sweet (a chocolate cake) to ring in the new year.

My recipe for Vinegar Pie came from an old cookbook a friend showed me a few years ago (thanks Ken!). I thought it was such a strange recipe I jotted it down right away. But truthfully this recipe was universally declared disgusting! So instead of passing that one on, here's a link to a recipe I found on Instructables while I was trying to find out more about Vinegar Pie (the photo above is from this recipe, not mine—of course I forgot my camera!). I actually discovered very little about it in my research except that is an old American recipe, and that there are probably better versions out there than the one I used. So next year I'm going to try it again and see how it goes, much to my family's dismay I'm sure!