Finally, with the new camera I bought J for Christmas, here are the shoes I made this fall. I am also still working on a pair of sandals that I didn't finish in class.

These are my early sketches. I still wish I had spent more time searching out green & yellow leather, but my budget and time allotment did not intersect at a place where green and yellow leathers existed.

Once I bought my lasts and materials, and practiced my first pullovers, I sketched out what my final projects would look like. The bright pastel green pebbled leather interior of Kempton 2 is my favorite detail. Kempton 3 has a knitted patch on the front and is trimmed in wool. The name of my shoe styles come from the last, which says Kempton on it. Kempton is also the name of the town where my sister lives.

The final shoes! Kempton 3 is on the left, it has a wool sock liner & contrast brown insole. Kempton 2 on the right has contrasting tongue and quarters (brown & pink, hard to see in these pics). To make the bumpy toes I learned how to build up my last. The most difficult part for me was the sewing because I stubbornly refused to buy new needles and bobbin cases for the machines at school. So I wrestled with my domestic machine instead. Everything got sewn eventually, but looking back I wish I'd just spent the $20 or whatever.