Auntie's work

May 11, 2008 was my Great Aunt Ellen's 90th birthday. She has always been a crafty one, that Aunt Ellen. And I don't just mean she's sly (which she is). I always remember seeing crocheted and embroidered bits and bobs not only around her house, but around all of our relatives' homes. Auntie was always giving away afghans, tissue box covers, doilies, you name it! If she could hook it, she'd make it. In honor of Auntie's birthday (and who my middle name came from) here are a few images of items she's made for me:


I am so grateful for these particular gifts, and for all the interesting things my family has made for me over the years. My Aunt Bev painted beautiful ceramics, my mother and grandmother crocheted and knitted lovely things, my Aunt Kathy makes gorgeous sewn decorations too. I'd love to see pictures or here stories of other people's handmade treasures and heirlooms. It's so wonderful to have things wrought by a loved one's own hands, don't you think?

(toilet paper cover!)