New bag

I got a chance to spend a week with the patternmakers in the workshop at work last week and I designed and developed 2 bags of my own design (not for a collection to be produced for my job). Here is the first one:

The flap is laser cut with a laurel pattern and underlaid with mahogany suede. The bag itself is a sea blue "soft port" leather. The strap grip is gray soft port too and it's woven based on a pattern fram a Chinese Finger Trap. The hardware is all antique brass, and the lining is a deep gold asian faille.

I worked with an awesome patterncutter (thanks Koko!) who helped me work out all the details, specs, and kinks. And of course the machinists & craftsmen from the studio showed me all of the tricks of the trade and made the bag look as beautiful as it could be. I'm so thrilled with the experience and have a lovely bag to show for it as well.

I'll post pictures of the second bag when it's finished. We ran out of time for me to be in the studio so I'll have to wait for them to sew it up without me, but I got to do a lot more of the patternmaking for this one so I'm very proud.