Four is a magic number too

Well maybe not, but it IS my first favorite card in the suit of Diamonds! Diamonds are hard, and not just in density. The suit is often associated with adulthood, responsibility, security, and career. They are serious. The number 4 can be a symbol of service, so I am putting 4 letters in service of this number:

is a magic number......

is a magic number......

Catch up Club

Catch up deck of card post....the 6 of clubs!


Jars, you say. Why jars? Well, this is what I read about the 6 of clubs:

All Six of Club feel an obligation toward duty and they take their responsibilities seriously. Trouble is, the 6 of Club also symbolize inertia, and easygoing lethargy.

I don't know, it just seemed like the kind of card that would collect a bunch of jars of weird stuff and leave them lying around....

King of Clubs

I know (I know!) I am a week behind, but finally (finally!) I will reward your wait with my favorite face card so far. I have been working through face cards for the deck and it's taken longer than I many things to ponder! BUT I have finished the next one and s/he is a doozy (I will also play my catch up card Friday this week, so please don't fret). I present: 

The King of Clubs!

Kimberly Ellen Hall King of Clubs.jpg

The King of Clubs is rumored to be creative, but careless. Our King of Clubs rules youth, irresponsibility, musings, and the mind (rather than the body). As with our other Club cards the lightness of Air and the freedom of Summer are themes here. His swimsuit and the raw simplicity of the young lamb represent the qualities of our King.

Deck of cards : week 1

I know! I am all backwards! It's not even a Wednesday.....but catching up makes things a little wonky so please bear with me. Even though I shared with you a beautiful queen on Wednesday, I have another card that sets a precedent: The Ace of Clubs! The Ace is a great first card because it introduces the suit. (I know, you've already seen the queen, what can I say: she stole the show?)