I'm ashamed to admit I managed to erase all of the photos off of this blog. I know I could blame being a new mother and going back to work, but really it was standard issue impatience. I was updating my own website and clearing off my server without checking or thinking. AAGH!

I've told myself I will find most of the images, but I don't believe myself.....feel free to goad me.

I do plan to post new work as well as new interesting inspiration, and in fact all of my past writing is still on please don't go away.


New project

Please excuse the light posting, I'm busy with my latest special project. Willa-Clare arrived on March 6 at 6lbs 6oz and 19 inches.

Design for Mankind Magazine

A few weeks ago, Design for Mankind announced the launch of the first issue of Mankind Magazine! I love the website Design for Mankind, but I have to admit I haven't bought the magazine yet (even though I've got it bookmarked and on my "to do" list....I did look at the sneak peek, hoping that would get me going. I need a rainy day stuck at home? Or things to just s-l-o-w d-o-w-n at work!! I'm so curious to read this.....the cover is lovely, no?

old links I never posted

Very common post idea, no? And I mean that in the older sense of the word. Maybe it will lead to nice surprises for me:

Hacking fashion from We Make Money Not Art:
....The outcome of the VakkoVamps is not so much a set of garments or objects as much as a series of methods for exchange and dialogue between two fields that are usually separated.
• I forgot about this one for sure. What a lovely idea! I love these kinds of projects where the outcome isn't about aesthetics but about process. No pictures from me because they don't give you any idea of what it's really about. Go on, read it!
• Ah, here is the official site about the project and others by the same instigator: Self Passage

From Coudal a link to the story of the Timepiece House. My favorite quote:
...The design concepts - derived from the forces of nature and humanity - are linked by the thread of Time: Light and shadow History Weathering Memory....
• Again, I'm leaving off the pictures because they just don't do enough justice to the concept of the project. This is a house designed to make you aware of time in your life and through your day to day activities. Really sweet project.

A piece on FI about a guy from my MA program a year behind me, Mark Liu. He also studied with this guy also featured on Fashion Incubator. No good quotes from this one, but I had to post another good MA project coming out of my program, right?


Pictures next time, I promise :)

Happy New Year!

I started a new tradition this New Year's Eve: the baking of a Vinegar Pie! It seemed like a great way to end the old year, partaking of something sour. We then followed up with something sweet (a chocolate cake) to ring in the new year.

My recipe for Vinegar Pie came from an old cookbook a friend showed me a few years ago (thanks Ken!). I thought it was such a strange recipe I jotted it down right away. But truthfully this recipe was universally declared disgusting! So instead of passing that one on, here's a link to a recipe I found on Instructables while I was trying to find out more about Vinegar Pie (the photo above is from this recipe, not mine—of course I forgot my camera!). I actually discovered very little about it in my research except that is an old American recipe, and that there are probably better versions out there than the one I used. So next year I'm going to try it again and see how it goes, much to my family's dismay I'm sure!

2008 desk calendar

I know I've been neglecting this blog and my personal work lately, but I've come back with a little gift. I made a 2008 desk calender that you can printout on a color printer (on letter sized paper) and trim to fit in a CD case which you then fold back so it sits up as a nice little desk calendar. I saw a picture of one on one of the craft sites I read and decided it would be so easy to make myself one. So I thought I'd share with all of you out there in antonement for my blatant disregard of the internet lately. Enjoy:

(click here to download)

Of course, I can't find the image of the calendar online anymore, and as you know my camera is still on the fritz (christmas is coming!) email if you can't figure it out, and meanwhile I will try to get at least a camera phone pic of my finished desk calendar.

Edited to add:

You get the idea?


To be fair (to myself) I haven't been totally ignoring my personal work. They are all of my drawings in the desk calendar. And I have just finished my first two pairs of shoes (so much better than that first little thing I showed you). And I have my third and final pair almost done. So I will post pics of those shortly and then I can feel nice and accomplished before the holidays. Which is really one of the best parts of this season, isn't it?

London my camera dies!

You can watch it get worse:

All's well in the food halls at Harrods....

My shoes at the edge of "Shibboleth" at the Turbine Gallery (too lazy to link at the end of the day on a saw them all before the other day anyway)

As I get closer to the crack the camera shrieks in purple

The purple haze takes over in the last picture that doens't look like snow!

Believe it or not we also spent time roaming around Hyde Park in the mist, visiting my friend who works in vintage in Notting Hill (ha, in vintage), and walking up Upper St as we used to when we had little ££ & lots of time. We didn't make it to many favourite old spots (Primrose HIll, Chalk Farm, Camden, Shepards Bush (oh how I would have loved to spend some time thrifting if the $$ wasn't so crap!), but it was a short trip so it didn't sting too bad. And now I need to buy a new camera so it's probablt for the best.

My first shoe!

I really have been busy....okay, you can see some glue and it's not really even a flattering shoe, but last week:

I! made! my! first! shoe!

(yes, last week. Work is busy!)

Barely back....

I have returned and have a whole bunch to say about my project for Conflux/21 Cities, but getting back into work has been super crazy busy and I have footwear sketches to do too. And I forgot my sketchbook in Colorado and am desperately waiting for it to be shipped back to me....waah! Tomorrow!